CORPORATE CONSULTING BUREAU — is a consulting firm built around a well-established team of professionals with an excellent record of accomplishments in solving complex, multidimensional challenges.

We provide our clients with legal and appraisal services.


 An individual approach to finding solutions for clients and maximum engagement in their situation.

 Fulfilment of assumed obligations within the agreed terms.

 Solutions to unique challenges with varying levels of complexity.

 Flexible pricing policy and terms of cooperation.



It is very likely that in your company’s day-to-day activities, most legal issues do not pose any difficulties for you or your in-house lawyer. However, at some stage of your business’s development, there will arise problems that you will need the services of a specialist law firm to solve. We can offer at least three arguments in support of this statement:

Experience and high qualification levels allow our lawyers to solve specific business challenges from fields of law that in-house lawyers are unlikely to encounter often

We can review any problem impartially, from an outside perspective, and provide a non-biased assessment of the prospects of finding a solution

There is no need to distract in-house lawyers from their regular legal work

In legal practice, issues are often encountered that cannot be settled by one lawyer, while it is unreasonable for a small or medium-size enterprise — and sometimes for large companies, too — to maintain a separate legal department.

As well as the "technical issues" (obtaining various permits, licenses, certificates, etc.), a lawyer’s job also entails finding solutions to problems of a creative nature. Problems of this variety, for which there is no clearly prescribed approach to a solution, take a vast amount of time, effort and nerves for somebody who is dealing with them for the first time.

The highly qualified lawyers of the Bureau can find solutions to challenges of any degree of complexity and will do everything in their power to ensure you stay focused on your business and do not waste any excess time, effort, or money.


 Legal support of economic activities.

 Representation in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, and mediation courts.

 Interaction with regulatory and supervisory bodies.

 Legal support during bankruptcy proceedings.

 Consulting on civil, tax, criminal, and other branches of law.

 Legal auditing.

 Protection of business against criminal liability.



Structuring company activities in terms of tax liability is one of the most important challenges in business. Frequent changes in tax law lead to complex and unpredictable practical issues, which if left unsettled, result in unfavourable financial consequences for any business.

The Bureau’s specialists can offer practical solutions regarding taxation based on the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants, as well as our proprietary methodologies.

Rendering taxation services, we are governed by the following principles:

Development of exclusive mechanisms to reduce your company’s tax burden

Optimal exploitation of your company’s tax potential

An individual approach to developing comprehensive measures to protect your company from tax liabilities

The Bureau’s specialists offer a broad spectrum of services and apply a comprehensive approach to solving challenges whether encountered in daily corporate routine or in the adoption of strategic solutions.


 Tax structuring and restructuring.

 Tax support of M&A and capital raising processes.

 Tax due diligence.

 Support for procedures related to business deoffshorization and the procurement of available tax allowances.

 Consulting on issues regarding transfer pricing.

 Consulting on voluntary declaration as part of "capital amnesty".

 Consulting on taxation of controlled foreign companies (CFC) and tax residency of foreign entities.

 Consulting on automated tax data exchange.

 Consulting on issues of currency regulation.

 Support during desk and field audits conducted by tax authorities.

 Handling of tax disputes.



When pursuing its business activities, any company can come across situations that require independent appraisal.

The appraisal department of the Bureau possesses the necessary qualities and meets the legal requirements to render professional appraisal services. Moreover, one of the main competitive advantages of the Bureau is the seamless interaction between appraisers and lawyers that make it possible to conduct a comprehensive review of the situation during the implementation of appraisal projects.

We provide the following range of appraisal services:

Appraisal of businesses, asset portfolios, real estate, machinery and equipment, receivables, and intangible assets

Evaluations for expert testimony

Expert review of costs, tariffs, rates, expenses, etc. in terms of justifiability

Testing for any signs of fraudulent or deliberate bankruptcy

Analysis of financial and economic activities

Preparation of documentary evidence for potential court proceedings, including in the case of disputes over cadastral value

The experience we have accumulated and the high professional level of our employees makes it possible not only to conduct high-quality appraisals but also to assist with the efficient resolution of the issues that make an appraisal necessary.


 Help establishing the subject for appraisal that best matches your goals (e.g. when preparing security interests).

 Take part in any negotiations organized by you to justify appraisal results to a third party.

 Assist in selecting the value to be estimated and the format of the final document containing the appraisal deliverables.

 Conduct periodic monitoring of the value of the relevant asset. We have extensive experience in appraising all types of asset, including property portfolios, production lines, intangible assets, and receivables.

The Bureau’s appraisers are listed in the Register of Self-Regulatory Organizations of Appraisers

Each expert appraiser’s liability is personally insured

Our employees’ professionalism is confirmed by numerous successful projects



Managing Partner, Lawyer

Oleg has been managing the Bureau’s activities since it was established. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of the Corporate Consulting Bureau Moscow Association of Lawyers, and a lawyer since 2004 (listed in the Moscow Register of Lawyers under No. 77/7213).

He specializes in providing legal assistance in complex criminal cases related to economic crime and professional misconduct. He has vast experience in litigation and out-of-court settlement of business conflicts and corporate disputes, and extensive practice solving issues of corporate and tax law, and of bankruptcy law.


Managing Director

Dmitry has been managing the company since its establishment and is responsible for the comprehensive strategic management of litigation and out-of-court projects.

He has extensive experience representing clients’ interests before all legal authorities, supporting merger and acquisition projects, and developing business legal support strategies.

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